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Holding Hands


No matter what you are going through, when you need help, you need it right away.  There is no other place to find true guidance and true help, other than the Word of God. We have compiled scriptures that will help strengthen you, lead you... and empower you with the answers needed to stand tall in the face of any adversity. Here are just a few areas to help strengthen you.



Are you waiting on God for an answer to your most earnest prayer, and it seems as if you don’t know what to do while you wait? You’re really trying to remain steadfast in the faith, but you need to be strengthened that can only come from the Holy Spirit. 


The key to your success lies in consistency. Consistency in what you say, what you believe and how you stand. To help keep you on the narrow path (the one that leads to victory), begin each day with the Word of God. 

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Image by James Coleman


When you received Christ you became a new creature. Speak this confession and stand firm in who you've become!


Keep your words in line with God’s words by speaking God’s promises each and every day. As you listen to God’s Word coming out of your own mouth, your faith will get a great boost!

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God’s will is to always prosper His people. He will never leave you or forsake you! Use these scripture-based words of edification and you will be strengthened to stand until the fulfillment of God's word.

Mental Health

Your thoughts have power. Thoughts that are made in line with the Word of God will protect you, your spirit, soul and body. Negative thoughts can cause you to feel depleted, forsaken and worse, alone. Let's take back our peace... and stability. We can and will win!

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