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YOUTH ENCOUNTER '24 is the ultimate opportunity for Youth & Young Adults to put their God-given gifts/ talents into action! Get ready for an exciting and rewarding experience with challenging youth outings that will leave you feeling fulfilled. You'll have the chance to families in need, build mission and ministry departments for future use, lead children's outreach programs, work at homeless shelters, learn how to respond to natural disasters, and reach out to individuals and communities through Christian service. Our goal is to continue the mission to make it even bigger and better!

YOUTH ENCOUNTER '24 presents an array of opportunities for middle and high school youth groups to engage in meaningful mission projects that allow them to put their faith into action. These projects are designed to challenge and reward participants and include learning how to and renovate homes for families in need, building mission and ministry facilities, leading children's outreach programs, working homeless shelters, responding to natural disasters, and reaching out to individuals and communities through Christian service.

Infusing the Youth and Young Adults with information that can cause positive change in the home, church and community is our principal goal during our events.

We are preparing interactive activities that are planned to stimulate the mind, strengthen the body and soul. We are also planning fun activities that will allow the Youth and Young Adults to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of like-minded individuals. Whether it be bowling, skating, painting or technology-based events, our goal is to create Youth and Young Adult themed events.

Let's fellowship, together.

The Schedule:

Friday, July 19th

10:00 AM - Opening Session  |  12:30 PM - Afternoon Session  |  7:00 PM Evening Session

Saturday, July 20th

10:00 AM - Morning Session  |  12:30 PM - Afternoon Session  |  7:00 PM Evening Session

Sunday, July 21st

10:00 AM - Sunday Bible School  |  11:30 AM Awards & Graduation Recognition Session

12:00 o'clock noon - Closing Session

*Youth outing information will be forthcoming

The Location:

The House of God Church, Inc.  |  96 William Street  |  Orange, NJ

The Attire:

    •   Attire: Friday, July 19th (church casual: any combination of black and white)

    •   Attire: Saturday Night, July 20th (church casual: wear blue jeans, plain red t-shirt, and your favorite 

        sneakers. Ladies please be reminded to wear jean dresses or skirts)

    •   Attire: Sunday, July 21st (classic black: all black everything – suits, shirts, ties, dresses, shoes and hats)

        (Ministers, per the State Bishop: all black civic attire for all ranks including clergy shirts. Also, no hats, no

        chimeres and no tippets for this service.) You can visit the bottom of for

        images and details regarding the attire.

Let's Celebrate, YOU!

Congratulations on your remarkable achievement! As we prepare for YOUTH ENCOUNTER '24, we want to celebrate all of your accomplishments at our Scholastic Recognition and Awards Service. We would like to gather some information to highlight your journey and future plans. Please fill out the following FORM so we can honor you during the event.  Please send us 1 image in your cap & gown or your graduation/ elevation image to accompany your brief bio/ plans you will be submitting.  Deadline for submissions is MONDAY, JULY 8TH.

We look forward to celebrating your achievements and sharing your inspiring journey with our community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Deaconess Janie Barnes

Deaconess Janie Barnes


Tr. Deaconess Sacrefa Whitehead

Tr. Deaconess Sacrefa Whitehead

Assistant Superintendent


Image by Nathan Dumlao

God Loves You!

God's creation is absolute, and you are a part of it, crafted by His own hands, irrespective of your surroundings and struggles. You are valuable, loved, and thanks to Jesus, you are forgiven. God intends to spread this good news through you to the world, and you are more than capable of doing so.

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