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Charity Volunteers


At YOUTH ENCOUNTER '24, we aim to educate young people about their identity in Christ and foster positive relationships among them. Our mission is to empower this generation to establish a strong and enduring connection with Jesus. As the Holy Spirit guides us, we will either surrender ourselves or express our joy, and share with the world the message of hope, assistance, and healing.

Youth and Young Adults involvement in community activities can have a significant impact on both the Youth, Young Adults and the communities they serve. Remember, meaningful engagement views young people as equal partners with adults, emphasizing collaboration and shared vision for community betterment.

In a world that is constantly evolving, the roles of today's Youth and Young Adults are shaping the future of their communities is more crucial than ever. From advocating for social cohesion and peace to leading initiatives for equality and spiritual freedom, young people are taking charge and making a significant impact.

Young people face the consequences of many global challenges such as the aftermath of the pandemic, the crisis in the changing economic landscapes disproportionately, affecting their possibilities to gain decent employment and start their own businesses. Creating jobs opportunities for youth and building the skills of young people to start their own businesses is also opening up paths for economic empowerment and steering people away from radicalism, that often offers lucrative pathways for the disfranchised.

Our principle is to grow from the inside out. Sometimes we lose focus on the greater picture, for what is in front of us. We champion connecting the operations of corporate America to add a spiritual covering over them.

As we prepare to continue to empower the Youth and Young Adults, through mentorship and effective training, we will be able to continue to serve the homeless, battered women's shelters, jails, food desserts, human trafficing, drug addiction and the like.


Young people can make meaningful contributions to their community in various ways. Here are some ideas:

Volunteering: Volunteering at local organizations, shelters, or community centers allows young people to directly impact their community. 

Advocacy and Awareness: Young people can raise awareness about important issues by organizing campaigns, participating in rallies, or using social media platforms. Advocacy efforts can focus on topics like climate change, mental health, or social justice.

Skill Sharing: Sharing skills and knowledge benefits the community. Young people can offer tutoring, teach workshops, or provide tech support to seniors. By sharing their expertise, they empower others.

Community Cleanups: Organizing cleanups in parks, beaches, or neighborhoods helps maintain a clean environment. It also fosters a sense of pride and ownership among community members.

Supporting Local Businesses: Encouraging friends and family to shop locally supports small businesses. Young people can also promote local artisans, farmers’ markets, and entrepreneurs.

Participating in Youth Councils: Many communities have youth councils or advisory boards. Joining these allows young people to voice their opinions, propose ideas, and influence local policies.

Creative Initiatives: Young artists, musicians, and writers can contribute by organizing art exhibitions, concerts, or storytelling events. Creative expression enriches community life.

Remember, every contribution matters, no matter how small. By actively engaging with their community, young people can create positive change and build a stronger, more connected society.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

God Loves You!

God's creation is absolute, and you are a part of it, crafted by His own hands, irrespective of your surroundings and struggles. You are valuable, loved, and thanks to Jesus, you are forgiven. God intends to spread this good news through you to the world, and you are more than capable of doing so.

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