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If you look at the dictionary, you will see that the word “giving” has so many definitions. It ranges from simple ones like handing over something to someone to deeper ones like providing love or emotional support to someone.

But in the scriptures, giving is more than just that. Giving in the bible is an act of praise, gratitude, and recognition. 

When you give something of yourself or share what you have with others, you are praising God by doing his commandments. In the same way, giving a part of your income to the church is an expression of gratitude for His perpetual providence. And by doing all these things, you are recognizing Him as the provider and source of everything. It’s an acknowledgment that without Him, we can do nothing.

Now is the time, that you can help us reach the world with not only the Word of God, but also resources to help the communities within the State of New Jersey and around the globe.

Click Here To Give Through Givelify

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Thank you for your generous support and we pray the continued blessing upon you and all that you do to grow the Kingdom of God.

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